The State Land Board has voted unanimously to stopĀ the sale of theĀ Elliott State Forest — 92,000 acres of your public lands

will remain in public ownership!

Thank you to all who have joined in the effort to save the Elliott State Forest for future generations of Oregonians.

Watch this short video (although outdated now) to see the beauty of the Elliott:

Save The Elliott State Forest from Cascadia Wildlands on Vimeo.

Residents of Coos County have been losing access to land in recent years. In 2014, Weyerhauser shut the gates to its 208,000 acre Millicoma Tree Farm. Now area residents must purchase an expensive permit for recreational access. Retaining public land, like the Elliott, is crucial to ensure that all of us can use and enjoy the forest for generations to come. Shrinking accessibility to the landscape sacrifices a gift for future generations.

Since the 1930’s, the Elliott has provided more than just timber; it is a bounty of fish, game, and non-timber forest products. An economic analysis in 2014 estimates that recreation in the Elliott is responsible for close to $390,000 in wages in Oregon and about $1.3 million in economic output. Given that the Elliott receives an annual budget of zero dollars for recreation, those numbers could be raised by investing in trails, interpretive centers and road signs.